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The piano is one of the most famous keyboard instruments. The sound of the piano is produced by the impact of hammers on its metal strings inside a wooden box. These hammers move when the keys are pressed. The piano strings are attached to a plate called the "sound plate", which acts as their amplifier. In general, the piano consists of 8 octaves. The piano has the highest amplitude of any instrument (except the church organ), so that in its current form it typically has eight octaves and is capable of producing frequencies from about 27 to 4186 Hz, while in comparison with the violin instrument only They can produce about five octaves and the best singers can only read about three octaves.


The history of the violin in Europe dates back to the 9th century. The only belief is that the violin is a perfect example of a rabab maker. It is a rabab-making that sometimes became known in Europe as Rabbak when Europe came into being and changed. Some believe that the violin came from an Arabic complaint. The form briefly had a hole that was placed on the maker, but sometimes this hole was removed from the body of the instrument, and this instrument was completed with the three strings of the violin instrument completed in the following years. In Europe, the violin has evolved since the 16th century.


The guitar is a type of stringed instrument played with a pick or finger, and because its strings produce sound due to vibration, it belongs to the instruments of the Cordophone or string group. This type of guitar has six strings and this instrument, in addition to having a significant historical history (both in terms of its structure and in terms of playing techniques) has been able to make significant progress in line with the evolution of Western music; As a result, different forms of it have emerged and now have a special place in world music.

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Our experienced and specialized team is ready to provide all the necessary specialized services and practical solutions for selecting the instrument, as well as providing original accessories to improve the instrument's performance and achieve a soulful and pleasant sound with the utmost precision, elegance and taste.

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Providing a variety of musical instruments at the highest quality level of our expertise and the use of some of the most professional musicians in the world is proof of the claim. Specialized instruments of Harmony and Sound Group A variety of digital and acoustic instruments, including a wide range of acoustic and digital pianos, and a variety of classical and electric guitars and accessories related to these instruments.

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Without musicians, we will not have music and the music of life will not have a soul. But playing any instrument requires a suitable instrument and quality accessories. We, as a harmonic and sound band, offer the highest quality instruments made with the highest quality materials and accessories with the highest quality of making and sound, and thus your spirit for professional performances and enjoy your performances and instruments. Increase power with delicacy .

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